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GBT Hardcore & Trance Kor Classics Part 1

Artst: Various
Mix type: Unmixed
Label: CYFI / GBT
Cat #: CYFI GBT 001
Genre(s): Hardcore Hard Dance
Release Date: 01/06/09
Price: £7.48

Born in 1996 after Billy Daniel Bunter & Rob Vanden were on tour in Switzerland.


£7.48 - GBT Hardcore & Trance Kor Classics Part 1

Rob was playing Trance, Daniel Hardcore. They merged their 2 styles to create the influential and some times controversial GBT sound, which the press dubbed Trance Kor. The label along with artists such as Ramos, DZyne, Fury, UFO and Sy to name a few changed the direction of hardcore at the time, and added a much more trance based edge, which can be credited for the sound of Freeform and UK Hardcore today. Daniel & Rob toured the world at the time with their unique sound and headlined all of the UKs major events. Then labels biggest hit came with Bang The Futures seminal Body Slam. A track that still gets played today 12 years after its creation. For the 1st time ever the influential GBT catalogue is available for digital down load Enjoy!!!


1. Bang The Future - Body Slam
2. Stu J & UFO - Resin 8
3. GBT Inc - Burn Mutha Fucka
4. DJ Fury - Droppin Bombs
5. Billy Daniel Bunter & DJ Sy - Connect Ya Step
6. Ramos, Supreme & UFO - Terminator
7. Tailbone - Beginning Of A New Era (Billy Daniel Bunter & DZyne Remix)
8. Tripswitch - Distruxion
9. GBT Inc - Better Run
10. GBT Inc - Better Day

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