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DJ Vibes

One of the biggest Hardcore DJ's of all time.

Check out his forthcoming album 15 years of Hardcore, released on May 19th Via I Tunes

Oi Oi Vibesy ere!!!

If youve got 5 minutes Ill give you a crazy insight into a Wild Style Roller Coaster Loop the Fookin Loop Ardcore Eavyweight DJ Vibes Super Session.

Firstly Ill say that Djing is a privilege, Im so lucky to be able to play super music to proper people, but believe me Ive never taken my love of music, faces & places, lucky breaks, but give and takes for granted.

Its fair to say that anybody can be a DJ, but it takes that extra bit of: 1) want, 2) originality, 3) serious belief but mainly a deep deep down feeling that you are the one. It wont happen overnight but if you honestly think youre the Guvnor then one day you will be.


As you all know Ive been givin it High Wycombe since na na na 19 9ty so an so and Ive been Rockin & Shockin since 91, more Rockin than Shockin (Thank you). Many DJs have come & gone (rapid). One year class, next year arse, one mix wonders, but the Masters are the Lasters.

I started with the Soul Vibes in 1985, Street Sounds, Roy Ayers, Cameo, Imagination, Loose Ends, Kleer and zillions more. As you may know my name evolved from Roy Ayers, who in my opinion is the best Xylophone player, the slang name for this

instrument is The Vibes (if you ever get a minute listen to his tracks, Poo Poo La La, Running Away or Programmed for Love).

Anykinway HARDCORE has been my music of choice for the last 17 years, Ive been round the world, down & out, up & at em, here & there but mainly givin it all Ive got, thank you 1) Grant, 2) Lee 3) Owen.

Right now Im busting a Sweet Treat, 15 Years of Heavyweight Hardcore which is only possible thanks to Baby A, Lee and Hattrixx.

PS, if you dont have a go youll never know.


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